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Trust leads to better decisions

Siloed thinking is the enemy of corporations, but is it inevitable?

Do you have too much information but lack time to make good choices?

Our response to information overload is to use mental shortcuts that have served us well in the past, notably a confirmation bias of reliance on evidence that fits with prior convictions. Handling multiple stakeholders is even more taxing, requiring relentless perspective seeking and taking from people with varying skill sets.

In my diverse global career, I have helped many leaders make better decisions, and the common theme is trust.

If we trust other stakeholders who have the knowledge we lack, we reduce information overload and our default to biases. While cultivating relationships may be time-consuming initially, it will save time over the long run and is an integral part of systems thinking.

Systems thinking is distinct from thinking systematically. It does not rely on reduced-form equations and embraces complexity. It ensures knowledge sharing to the benefit of everyone and, perhaps most importantly, keeps people motivated. Surveys show that feeling part of something bigger results in a more productive workforce and less turnover.

Who have you been learning from recently who has made a big impact?




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